60 Years of Songs – An Evening of Musical Memories



On stage with Bryan Hall and Cliff Billing:

Elizabeth Allan, Rebecca Allan, Stefan C. Attrill, Matthew Berrill, Catherine Bruce, Jenny Chandler, Barry Cox, Eleanor Cox, Tony Crack, Geri Crane, Dawn Hall, Tracey Hill, Janice Hilton, Dan Hodson, Amanda Howson, Helen Kennedy, Robert Laurie, Wendy Levaast, Kathy Long, Nanette Lovell, Kathryn Marson, Jayne Minter-Maryan, Amber Ould, Becky Poole, Peter Robertson, Mindy Robinson, Sue Rumford, David Russell, John Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Jay Snedker, Jenny Starnes, Ken Starnes, Clive Weedon, Sally Whitestone, Joy Wilson, Samantha Wilson, Mark Woodham

Conducted by Paul Truman

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