Anything Goes


Cole Porter

Venue: Derngate Theatre

NODA Awards:

  • Nominee: Best Programme (UK)
  • East Midlands: Best Standard Poster
  • East Midlands: Best Musical


Elisha Whitney – Steve Marsh
Billy Crosier – Tom Pinny
Reno Sweeney – Lynette Turner Parry
Hope Harcourt – Hannah Taylor
Evangeline Harcourt – Janice Hilton
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh – Mark Robbins
Moonface Martin – Mark Woodham
Erma – Rachel James
Captain – Ken Starnes
Purser – Ady Holmes
Henry T Dobson – John Benson
John – Barry Cpx
Luke – Karl Brill

Reno’s Angels

Mikaela Fowkes, Stephanie Smith, Lotti Minter, Lisa Simpson

Assorted Others

Jame Bignell, Stefan C. Attrill, Jay Snedker, Robert Laurie, Ben Coulson, Amanda Howson, Dawn Hall, Geri Anderson, Eleanor Cox, Parker

Ship Crew and Passengers

Gary Amos. Geri Anderson. Stefan C Attrill. John Benson. Jame Bignell. Ben Coulson, Eleanor Cox, Ben Dennis. Dawn Hall. Amanda Howson, Robert Laurie. James Maryan. Jayne Minter- Maryan. Nanette Lovell. Andrew Percival. Rachel Pickering. Jay Snedker. Louise Swann. Simon Wolfenden. Becky Woodham

Conducted by Paul Truman

I concur with other positive reviews. This was a professional show from the NAOC. The singing was superb, the dancing, costumes and set supreme, the humour well delivered and we loved being able to see the orchestra on view. I counted 40 performers on stage – what a production. Making this incredible value for money at £20 a seat – A West End trip for two would cost over £150 and you’d never be home by 11 pm! We saw a similar Cole Porter production on Broadway, New York and this was its equal. I’m sorry for all the doubters of so called ‘amateur’ shows – they missed a treat – this was professional in all but name. We’re looking forward to their next offering. I just hope the group made enough this week to cover their costs?

Phil Andrews

of Wootton Fields

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