Jesus Christ Superstar


Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

Venue: Cripps Hall Theatre

NODA Awards:

  • Best Programme (UK)
  • Best Poster (UK)
  • East Midlands: Best Musical


Jesus of Nazareth – Adrian Taylor
Judas Iscariot – Ian Stark
Mary Magdalene – Hannah Taylor
Pontius Pilate – John Simpson
King Herod Mark Robbins
Caiaphas – Jonathan Reynolds
Annas – Brett Hanson


Peter – Tom Pinny
Andrew – Alex Taylor
James – Gary Amos
John – James Maryan
Philip – Chris Tennant
Bartholemew – Stefan C. Attrill
Thomas – John Scotcher
Matthew – Matthew Berrill
James – Andrew Kempinski
Thaddeus – Mark Woodham
Simon Zealotes – Tim Sell

Priest 1 – Chris Willis
Priest 2 – Robert Laurie
Priest 3 – Andy Holmes
Maid by the Fire – Amanda Howson
Soul Singers – Katy Manning, Michelle Marlborough, Lotti Minter

Guards – Duncan Mitchell, Tristan Wentworth Smith, Mark Mayan


Eleanor Digby, Katrina Gedny, Dawn Hall, Amanda Howson. Phil Laker, Kate Long. Katy Manning. Michelle Marlborough. Jayne Minter Maryan. Torri Minter. Peter Robertson, Nicola Smithers. Jay Snedker, Louise Swann, Alex Underwood, Sally Whitestone. Rebecca Willis, Becky Woodham

Orchestra Conducted by Paul Truman

Directed by Martyn Knight

An excellent production, well cast. Adrian Taylor as Jesus had just the right feel for the part. Both singing and acting were just right for the part. Ian Stark as Judas gave us a stunning performance with excellent timing and looked right for the part. Hannah Taylor as Mary Magdalene was outstanding and when performing with Adrian it had just the right chemistry and came across as a very strong performance. An excellent Herod played by Mark Robbins was one of the highlights of the show backed by a brilliant set of dancers. Pontius Pilate played by John Simpson played the part well with just the right amount of authority not to be menacing.

The production itself was very slick and the choreography worked extremely well. The singing was excellent. Very good set and costumes. All in all a stunning production. This was a great company show and came across as a real team production. Well done.

I have just returned from seeing the show and am emailing to say what a tremendous production (as usual) this was. It was very challenging and moving, the effects and presentation was first class, you are all to be congratulated

Just a note to say how wonderful Wednesday’s matinee was. At times the hair was standing on the back of my neck. The singing acting, dancing, lighting and set was fantastic. Who needs the West End? The only thing missing was the ice cream!

Just had to drop you a line to say how amazing last night was. I have seen quite a few of your shows over the last 20 years and this was most definitely the best (so far…) Every single member of the cast would not have been out of place on a West End stage. The set, costumes, choreography, lighting were all just right. Having worked on that stage myself I know that first night can have technical hitches and the volumes on some of the body mics did vary or occasionally switch on late but that did not detract in any way from a fantastic performance.

All of the main characters were superb, both in voice quality and portrayal of emotion, and the whole ensemble worked together extremely well. I was already feeling teary by the crucifixion scene but Mary’s heartbroken sobs finished me (and many other audience members) off completely.
Please pass on my congratulations to the whole team on and off stage for yet again proving that Northampton produces the best amateur theatre in the country (and in spite of the Carlsberg connection, that statement does not need to be qualified with probably)

Just got back from the first night of your latest production. A super show obviously under difficult conditions, with such a small stage for a major production such as this. There were obviously some super individual performances, but mainly everyone should be congratulated on such a slick and moving show. It’s unfortunate that the band had to be in another place and the sound problems that this entailed, however, it did not detract from the overall enjoyable evening.

You have a show that you should be proud of and hopefully, all your seats will be sold for the rest of the week. Please pass my congratulation and thanks to the cast and crew for a great evening out.

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