Sweet Charity


Music by Cy Coleman, Lyrics by Dorothy Fields and book by Neil Simon

Venue: Cripps Hall Theatre


Lynette Turner Parry, Lisa Simpson, Alexandra Underwood, Katy Manning, Samantha Pollitt, Lottie Minter, Lillian Thorn, Rachel James, Michelle Marlborough, Jay Snedker, Mikaela Fowkes, Helen Kennedy, Nicola Smithers, Chris Tennant, Tristan Wentworth-Smith, Alex Taylor, Ian Stark, Peter Thorn, Adrian Taylor, Robert Laurie, Mark Maryan, John Scorcher, Steffan C Attrill, Amanda Howson. Eleanor Digby, Sean Clarice

Jame Bignell. Katrina Gedny, Dawn Hall, Lydia Le Fer, Jayne Minter-Maryan, James Maryan, Corrina Quarterman, Mindy Robinson, Jenny Starnes. Ken Starnes, Louise Swann, Sally Whitestone

Live music is performed at all performances conducted by Mr Graham Tear

Directed by Martyn Knight

For not only was there no trace of opera to be found, the standard of performance was certainly worthy of that which would be expected on the professional stage.
The musical follows the mixed fortunes of New York dance hall hostess, Charity Hope Valentine, in her search for Mr Right.
Including well-known songs such as Hey Big Spender, The Rhythm of Life and If They Could See Me Now, it is a charming crowd-pleaser, and NAOC did not disappoint with this staging, which featured strong vocal performances and energetic dance routines.
The musical relies heavily on the performance of its leading lady, as the character of Charity is by far the largest role, and congratulations must go to the brilliant Lynnette Turner-Parry for her engaging performance in this adaptation.
In an all-round strong cast, special mention must also go to Lisa Simpson and Alexandra Underwood, who played dance hall hostesses Helene and Nickie respectively, and to Alex Taylor for his role as Charity’s fiancé, Oscar.
I was delighted to hear the company will soon change its name to Northampton Musical Theatre Company.
The sooner they get rid of that “amateur” tag the better.
Helen Buckingham

Northampton Chronicle and Echo

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