A Slice of Variety


NMTC is proud to bring Variety back to Northampton’s Royal Theatre. Expect a night of song, dance, acting and comedy. We’ll bring you classic acts from the past as well as pieces from brand new productions.


Katy Batchelor, Cliff Billing, Cynthia Brown, Barry Cox, Eleanor Digby, Samantha Downes, Kathryn Farrar, Marion Farrow, Laura Fowkes,
Mikaela Fowkes, Lot Franks, Dawn Hall, Keith Hancock, Bret Hanson, Nick Hart, Janice Hilton, Beth Hodgson, Dan Hodson, Jude Howard, Amanda Howson, Rachel James, Sophie Jounet, Lauren Kane, Helen Kennedy, Andy Kempinski, Robert Laurie, Victoria Leitner, Pearl Loveland, Helen Loynes, Keith Loynes, Mark Maryan, Jayne Minter-Maryan, Naomi Mothersille, Georgia Mullen, Clarissa Payne, Jessica Payne, Sam Pollit, David Pridgeon, Jo Pusey, Corrina Quarterman, Mindy Robinson, Sue Roan, Megan Scot, Steph Smith, Ken Starnes, Louise Swann, Hannah Taylor, Lillian Thorn, Pete Thorn, Sally Whitestone, Kath Whiting, Maurice Whiting, Becky Woodham,
Mark Woodham, Josh Wright

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