Rehearsal Schedule

In general, there will be weekly rehearsals every Monday and Thursday unless told of any cancellations or amendments to those days. Rehearsals will be split accordingly with principals and company and we will let you know who is called and when.

Music rehearsals will start at 7:15pm and finish at 9:30pm prompt, unless otherwise noted below. All of Martyn’s setting rehearsals will start at 7.00pm.


The rehearsal venues are:

  • Usually: Northgate School Arts College, Queens Park Parade (off Kingsthorpe Road), Kingsthorpe, Northampton, NN2 6LR
  • Or at Starlight Stage School, Headlands Church, The Headlands, Northampton, NN3 2NS
  • The performances will be at the Royal & Derngate Theatre, Northampton


  • The schedule is only a guideline, check regularly for updates
  • Please make every effort to attend all rehearsals
  • It is OK to have a holiday! But if you can’t make a setting rehearsal (in bold below), you must send someone along to stand in for you and take notes. If you don’t you will not be in that number!
  • Please make sure that you bring along a pad and pen to take notes during setting rehearsals; it is important that you know where you make entrances and exits and also who you are standing next to in each scene
  • If for any reason you are going to be late or can’t make a rehearsal please notify our secretary, Jayne, on 07974 573920
  • It is your responsibility to check on the grids to see if you are in each scene

Northgate School Art College

Northgate School Arts College, Queens Park Parade, NN2 6LR

Starlight Stage School

Starlight Stage School, Headlands Church, NN3 2NS

Royal & Derngate Theatre

Royal & Derngate Theatre, Guildhall Rd, NN1 1DP








Thu 31 Aug19:15 - 21:30CastRunning the musical numbers
(Singing and Dancing Rehearsal)
Mon 04 Sep18:00 - 19:30Children / Glinda / DorothyRehearsalNorthgate
Mon 04 Sep19:30 - 21:30Adult CastPictures being taken, be sure to wear all blackNorthgate
Thu 07 Sep19:15 - 21:30CastRehearsalNorthgate
Mon 11 Sep19:15 - 21:30CastRehearsalNorthgate
Thu 14 Sep19:15 - 21:30CastRehearsalNorthgate
Wed 20 Sep18:30 - 22:00Adult & Children Cast18:30 – Full Company (+ Ruby Team Children / Boo)
20:00 – Children finish
Stagger Run
Be prepared to stay until 10pm
Thu 21 Sep18:30 - 21:30Adult & Children Cast18:30 – Full Company (+ Emerald Team Children / Mia)
20:00 – Children finish
Stagger Run
Fri 22 Sep19:00 - 21:30Adult Cast19:00 – Dorothy, Scarecrow and Crows
19:20 - Tinman and Trees
19:30 - All Principals
Mon 25 Sep19:15 - 21:30Cast18:30 - Kids, Dorothy and Glinda
19:45 - Principals and Winkies
Act 2
Thu 28 Sep19:15 - 21:30Cast19:15 - Musical Numbers
19:40 - Run show
Mon 02 Oct19:15 - 21:30Cast18:30 - 20:00 = Kids
19:15 = Adult cast
Run of Act 1 (With lighting technicians)
Be prompt for smooth running
Thu 05 Oct19:30 - 21:30Cast19:30 - Adult cast
Run of Act 2 (With Sound technicians)
Be prompt for smooth running
Mon 09 Oct19:15 - 21:30Cast19:00 - Winkies and Poppies
19:15 - Adult cast
Run Act 1 / Ironing out mistakes.
Thu 12 Oct19:15 - 21:30Cast19:00 - Cast
Full Run

Be prepared to stay until 22:00
Mon 16 Oct19:15 - 21:30CastAdult Run Northgate
Wed 18 Oct18:00 - 22:00Adult & Children CastKids Costume Call 18:00
Full run with Emeralds only (Kids finish at 21:30)
Adults - 19:00
Thu 19 Oct17:30 - 21:30Adult & Children CastCostume call from 17:30Northgate
Fri 20 Oct19:00 - 22:00CastFull run in costume and principals in make-up
Principals in make up arrive ASAP from 17:30
Sun 22 Oct12:00 - 16:00Adult & Children Cast
[Both Children Casts]
Band Call
12:00 - Principals
13:30 - Company
16:00 - Finish
Sun 22 Oct17:00 - 23:00Adult & Children Cast & Crew
[Both Children Casts]
Tech Run - be prepared to stay until 23:00
DO NOT arrive before 17:00
Mon 23 Oct9:00 - 13:00All fliers, Monkeys, Glinda & WitchFlier Training (May overrun - be prepared)Royal & Derngate
Mon 23 Oct19:00 -  22:00Adult & Children Cast & CrewDress RehearsalRoyal & Derngate
24 - 28 Oct - Cast & CrewShow Week!Royal & Derngate

Coming Soon

May 2018 - Les Misérables - Youth Edition

The first performance by our new Youth Company! It will be run separately but in conjunction with our main NMTC company. Young people will need to be between the ages of 7 and 19.

Performing Wednesday to Saturday in the May Half Term 2018, in the Cripps Hall Theatre at NSB.

May 2018 - NMTC in Concert
Performing on Sunday in the May Half Term 2018, in the Cripps Hall Theatre at NSB.
October 2018 - West Side Story

We are very excited to have acquired the rights to perform West Side Story as our main company’s show in 2018.
Performing Tuesday to Saturday in the October Half Term 2018.
More details to follow soon!